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Dr. Laura Belus
Naturopathic Doctor

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As a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Laura Belus, Naturopathic Doctor (ND), believes that health is attainable at any age. As a young adult she made the connection between the foods we eat and how we feel. This was a powerful tool in reversing her long history of migraines and skin concerns.

In recent years, as a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Laura Belus has developed a special interest in cardiovascular health, aging well and the effects of stress on the nervous system (high blood pressure, anxiety, heart disease).

Following the likes of Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Laura Belus has extensively studied the profound positive effects of lifestyle medicine on many chronic diseases. She has worked in collaboration with Dr. Howard Schwartz, MD, FACC, New York City integrative cardiologist, to educate patients with the most effective treatments that can prevent and reverse many of their heart health concerns. Her philosophy is to rebuild the foundations of health: diet, sleep, exercise and lifestyle, so that one can restore the body to a place of balance and experience a greater vitality everyday.


Migraine and food connection
Migraine and food connection

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