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Ernest Geid is a Canadian Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, he is the owner and founder of “Osteopathy First”, he has vast hands-on clinical experience in Osteoarticular techniques, Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy. Ernest hold a Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP). He is delivering Osteopathy Techniques using Multi-Modal Approach and European Style Osteopathy. Ernest is an International Medical Graduate Doctor and holds a Master of Science in Rheumatology. In addition he holds a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) from National University of Medical Sciences in Spain.

Ernest strongly believes in the 4 principles of Osteopathy:

  1. Each body’s structure supports the body’s functions. If a structure is out of place, the body will not function at its best.
  2. The natural flow of the body’s fluids – lymphatic, vascular and neurological – must be preserved and maintained.
  3. The human body is the sum of its parts. Its physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive systems work in harmony.
  4. When the body has no restrictions, it has the inherent ability to heal itself.

Ernest as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner identifies, assesses, and treats the body’s structures and rhythms using a gentle hands-on approach. This fundamental technique is called osteopathic palpation. Osteopathic palpation is what makes osteopathy different from other forms of therapy

Ernest uses four major treatment techniques in his Osteopathy practice:

Osteopathic Articular Technique:

used to reduce muscle spasms near a joint, ease neurological irritations around a joint, make joints more mobile & reduces pain and discomfort

Cranial-Sacral Therapy:

This is the gentlest osteopathic technique and it requires the most experience to use effectively and wisely. The goal of CranioSacral Therapy technique is to adjust the body’s physiology by restoring balance to the circulation of the blood and other body fluids.

Soft Tissue Therapy:

used in many different ways. In general, he uses it to evaluate the condition of tissues and to help the body’s fluids (such as blood and lymphatic fluid) flow smoothly. Keeping fluids flowing smoothly reduces harmful fluid retention and makes the body’s immune system more effective.

Visceral Manipulation:

used to gently move the structures themselves and the fascia (connective tissue) that surrounds the structures to restore full movement of organs. Most patients treated with visceral manipulation feel only gentle pressure of the osteopathic manual practitioner’s hand. But the corrections are powerful enough to improve the mobility of an organ, improve blood flow, and help the organ function more effectively.

Ernest has a Professional Membership in the following Osteopathy Associations:

Ontario Osteopathic & Alternative Medicine Association (OOAMA)
National Manual Osteopathic Society (NMOS)
Society of Osteopaths of Canada (SOC)

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