Foods to Boost Fertility

Are you planned to conceive in the near future? If so, it’s always best to start a health regime that optimizes your fertility about 3 months before you wish to get pregnant. In fact, 1 in 6 Canadian couples experience fertility issues today, so preparing ahead of time to maximize your chances of a successful pregnancy is of increasing concern.

Preparation goes beyond a simple prenatal multivitamin. Making sure your body isn’t inflamed, your weight is within a healthy range and you’re effectively absorbing the nutrients you’re consuming is paramount. Here are a few super-fertility foods for you to consider adding to your (and your partner’s) diet.

Green vegetables:

High in many of the B vitamins and vitamin C, they are vital for reproductive health. Try to alternate between varieties like spinach, kale, asparagus and broccoli to get the widest range of nutrient benefit.

Wild caught salmon:

One serving a week of fatty fish from a clean source (not farmed) contains high-quality protein and anti-inflammatory omega-3s. Don’t overdo it though, fish in general can be high in heavy metals (depending on the source), so swapping a serving a red meat for salmon may be a good idea.

Raw Nuts & seeds:

These are packed with the hard-to-get minerals that pregnancy requires like zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Especially if you have a sluggish thyroid or blood sugar issues, these nutrients can dramatically increase your chances of conceiving. Aim for a handful daily, mostly made up of seeds (pumpkin are my favourite!).

Of course, any fertility-boosting diet would not be complete without a note on supplements. Naturopathic doctors are trained in administering therapeutic doses of vitamins and antioxidants that greatly improve egg/sperm quality, reduce the likelihood of miscarriage and prepare your body for successful conception. Know someone trying to conceive or soon-to-be? Share this with them or set up a chat with our team to discuss how we can help.

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