Each member can take advantage of these plans to participate in our health programs which will lead you to become a healthier person leading a healthier lifestyle.

  1. In order to become a member, you must go through a full assessment on your first visit with our Naturopath doctors.
  2. Using the information gathered, your doctor will create a customized treatment plan which will be discussed with you during the second visit.
  3. Your treatment plan will include the membership plan & health programs suited for your health needs including follow-up visits and sessions for Nutrition Consultations, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture or Osteopath therapy.


  • Discounts on Lab Tests
  • Discounts on Dispensary Items
  • Discounts on Services
  • Discounts on Packages

Overview of Membership Plans

Merci Plan:

Merci plan is dedicated for all Halton Healthcare Hospitals (Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga and Georgetown) and North Oakville Medical Centre employees and their household family members. All employees and their family members will get a discount of 15% off on all of our services and supplements.

Seniors Wellness Plan:

Seniors Wellness Plan is dedicated for anyone who is at the age of 65 and above. This plan will offer all of our services and supplements at a discounted rate of 13% to each member.

Corporate Wellness Plan:

Platinum Corporate membership is dedicated for all employees of organizations who participate in Platinum Corporate Plan. HR department of these organizations will provide all of NHC information to all new hires on their first day. NHC team will also get the opportunity to visit these organizations at least twice a year and educate employees about the clinic’s services. Each member in Platinum Corporate Plan will receive a 12% discount on all services and supplements.

Pre, During and Post Pregnancy Plan:

Pre, During and Post Pregnancy is dedicated for any female trying to get pregnant, has become pregnant or are seeking care until 1 year after their delivery. Any female and their spouse can become a member when they are in the Pre stage. Once she becomes pregnant, then only she is eligible for this plan and her spouse will be transferred to NHC Wellness Plan. Each member will receive a 12% discount on all of our services and supplements.

NHC Wellness Plan:

NHC Wellness Plan is dedicated for the general public. Each member of this plan will get 10% off on all of NHC services and supplements.