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Compression stockings are becoming more and more popular in Oakville as demand of Custom Handcrafted Oakville Orthotics grows with the rise in the awareness of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Compression stockings have been worn by women for some time now, due to the benefits that they offer during pregnancy (since there’s often a lot of weight on a pregnant woman’s legs and the blood flow in the veins needs helping).

While they might not be the most flattering garment out there, compression stockings can help prevent serious physical problems and should always be taken seriously. The main times when men should wear compression stockings is when they are flying since the frequent change in air pressure can cause havoc for the veins in your legs (this is also why airlines recommend that you move around and stretch your legs frequently during a flight). For those businessmen who travel on planes a lot, this is more of a problem, since deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins suffer often have trouble walking like they used to.

Compression stockings for men work in the same way that the women’s version does – by putting pressure on the entire leg thus opening up the circulation pathways in the legs (i.e. the veins). This helps prevent blood clots in the leg (which can be really nasty) and it also relieves some of the pressure on individual veins (which is put under constant stress for too long and cause them to not function properly).

They are available in lots of different styles and sizes, and it’s up to you to find one that you like (although most of the time you’ll probably be wearing them under a pair of trousers anyway).

Before buying your first pair of compression stockings you’ll want to make sure that you get the right pair for you. This means getting a pair that fits right. Some companies size them by what your shoe size is, whereas others have more generic sizes (such as ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’). Above all, it’s important to get a pair that feels comfortable (if a little tight) and that won’t fall off (otherwise what’s the point of having it on in the first place?) It’s also important not to get a pair that’s too tight on you, since this may cause you pain and might do more harm than good.

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