What alternative treatments can help me fall asleep?

Homeopath Treatment in Milton can also help. As always with homeopathy, the remedy must be chosen according to the symptoms of the individual. The following are several to consider under certain conditions.

Ambra grisea – Sleeplessness from a worried mind, especially from business or career troubles. As soon as his head touches the pillow, this individual becomes wakeful. When he finally sleeps, he wakes frequently. Sleep is restless with anxious dreams and his body is cold and his limbs twitch while he sleeps. He often feels in the morning that his eyes are too firmly closed. Arsenic album – The individual needing this remedy will be full of anxiety and restlessness. He will wake from pain and fear over some unlikely event happening. He cannot get back to sleep when he wakes in the night.

Belladonna – Sleeplessness from congestion. Sleep is very restless. Frightful images can appear when the individual closes his eyes so he dreads going to sleep. He often has frightful dreams that constantly wake him up. There is a lot of jerking and spasmodic motion during his sleep. Sometimes there is a violent throbbing in the brain preventing sleep.

Chamomilla – Sleeplessness in children due to extreme pain. It quiets the irritability and the emotional excitement and the child sleeps. It also is helpful for weak and nervous people, mostly women. Sleep is interrupted by vivid and fanciful dreams. The individual will moan in their sleep and will be hot and thirsty. They will be extremely drowsy but unable to sleep. They often cry in their sleep.

Coffea cruda – Nervous sleeplessness from mental activity or rush of ideas and when good news or excitement causes the sleeplessness. The person is wide awake, has no desire to sleep and all senses are very acute.

Gelsemium – A good remedy for people of business who overuse their brains. They are restless at night and wake in the morning early worrying about business. They go to bed tired but immediately are wide awake. This can result from having company in the evening. Often the type of individual needing this remedy will be thin and very nervous and prone to chills. They often cannot keep their eyes open and have they have a general numbness in the body. It is most useful for those who alternate between depression and excitement.

Ignatia amara – The individual needing this remedy will be a light sleeper. She hears everything going on around her and she dreams about the same thing all night long. She often has fixed ideas in her dreams that continue when she wakes. The sleeplessness is due to grief or sadness. Tremors pass through her body. After a fit of coughing, she can fall into a deep and stupefying sleep.

Nux vomica – Sleepless from a rush of ideas, mental overwork, or too much study. The person falls asleep when it is time to get up. This remedy is suited to those who abuse stimulants such as coffee, tea, and alcohol. Their dreams are filled with hectic activity and worry.

Sulphur – Sleeplessness from nervous excitement – the individual can be sleepy all day and sleepless at night, particularly between 2am to 5am. They sleep in cat naps, waking frequently. Sleep is long but unrefreshing. There is a lot of jerking and twisting in the body while sleeping while having a nightmare. They have been known to sing while sleeping and even wake up singing.

In these hectic, busy times, it is quite common for many people to have trouble falling asleep. The following are some simple tips that everyone can consider:

  • Implement a consistent routine in the evening
  • Take 10 minutes when you get home to wind down from the day
  • Late in the evening, avoid eating and having stimulating drinks
  • Invest in a good bed that is not too hard or too soft
  • Consider self-hypnosis – imagine yourself on a beach, for example, and try to
  • Imagine all of the senses – touch, sound, smells, tastes, sights

These are only a small selection of homeopathic remedies that could be useful for sleeplessness. It is recommended that you consult with a registered Homeopath. The Homeopaths at Natural Health Clinic of Halton can help in choosing the best remedy for your condition.

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