Healthy Detoxification: The Detox Program in Milton

Feeling tired or run-down, experiencing mental fogginess, frequent headaches, joint & muscle aches, or simply have chronic long standing health concerns?

If yes, then this may be a sign that your body’s own detoxification pathways are sluggish and overburdened. The Healthy Detox program educates patients on various types of toxins and their impact on the body. Schedule your appointment with our Milton Naturopath and learn about our detoxification program.

It focuses on the two types of toxins:

Exogenous Toxins: the external toxins that enter our system through consumption of food, water, the air we breathe, and the things that our skin comes in contact with.

Endogenous Toxins: internal toxins naturally produced in our bodies through various metabolic functions and also by the bacteria and other microorganisms residing in our digestive system (1).

The goal of the Healthy Detox program is to reduce overall body burden aka chemical load.

“Body Burden simply refers to the total amount of chemical toxins present in the human body at any given time (1).”

Body burden is influenced by two factors:

(a) total exposure to toxic chemicals and
(b) the body’s ability to eliminate these toxins through detoxification pathways (1).

Body Burden = Total amount of toxic exposure – Body’s ability to eliminate toxins

This program also teaches patients how to effectively eliminate toxins by optimizing the function of the organs of detoxification, such as the skin, lungs, liver, digestive system, and urinary system. In addition to the physical systems of detox, the program also involves emotional detox, which focuses on the removal of toxic energy and learning stress management strategies to improve the overall positive energy in life.

(1) Gaetano Morello, 2009. Whole Body Cleansing: Transform Your Health Through Gentle Purification and Effective Detoxification. San Francisco, CA. Active Interest Media, Inc.

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