Wet Cupping Treatment

The aim of cupping to treat disease

Cupping is a traditional healing therapy in which a cup is attached to the surface of the skin, causing local congestion through the negative pressure created by introducing heat or suction. The aim of cupping to treat disease.

This practice has been prevalent since ancient times. It was mainly used by surgeons to draw out toxins while treating the skin and other external conditions. Along with the development of clinical practice, not only were the materials used for cupping greatly improved, but also the range of indications expanded. In today’s times, cupping is very commonly used to treat external and internal disorders.

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Wet cupping is a form of cupping where a cup is placed over a tiny prick made on the surface of the skin with a needle or a lancet. The suction from the cup draws out blood. This goal to promote bleeding is also called bloodletting. Along with the blood, we flush out toxins and clear out any blood stagnation. It is a very therapeutic technique and is successfully used to treat conditions like varicose veins, sprains, pain, and mastitis to name a few.

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