What are some successful Homeopathic remedies that Doctors use?

Arguably, the Homeopathic remedy in Milton most widely used by doctors is Arnica montana. It is the number one remedy to think of first when there is a sudden accident, when someone is in shock, and in cases of blunt trauma – especially trauma to the head.

Arnica is extremely useful for pain where the sensation is soreness and bruising. Often it is indicated in persons who say “Don’t touch me!”

Dentists also recommend Arnica prior to and following dental procedures. It helps ease the soreness in the mouth from all of the stretching and poking around and it helps ease issues associated with anesthetic waring off.

Plastic Surgeons often recommend Arnica to reduce the effects of bruising after cosmetic surgery.

Arnica can be given in dry dose, pellet form or in a water dose, to be taken internally. It also comes in ointment, gel, and lotion for topical use on sore muscles and any painful area.

We think of Arnica mostly for acute emergency conditions, but Arnica can also be a remedy for chronic states. In the acute state, Arnica is used for the bruised body and in the chronic state, it can be used for the bruised soul.

Consult with a registered Homeopath on the best way to take Arnica for your specific condition. The Homeopaths at Natural Health Clinic of Halton can help.

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