Homeopathic remedies for urinary changes while pregnant

Urinary problems may present more often in the third trimester, when there is more pressure on the bladder, although they may occur at any point during the pregnancy.  They may be in the form of infections (UTIs) or incontinence.  Some symptoms like a burning sensation when passing urine and also just increased the frequency of urination might be less noticeable during pregnancy and a UTI could go undetected without a urine test.  Antibiotics are used to treat urine infections during pregnancy but Milton Homeopath remedies can be used with them.

The following Homeopathic remedies are commonly used for urinary issues during pregnancy.

  • Cantharis:  when there is constant stinging or burning in the bladder area in the lower abdomen and also when there is a pronounced discomfort passing urine.  A dry dose of 30ch potency every 2 hours can help.
  • Phosphoricum Acidum:  when large amounts of cloudy urine are passed frequently and it burns while passing it and this occurs mostly at night.
  • Nux Vomica:  when there is itching and irritation of the urethra and bladder and dribbles of urine are passed frequently with difficulty.
  • Causticum:  when there is a dribbling of urine when coughing or sneezing or even standing up.

This is just a small selection of Homeopathic remedies that can help a pregnant woman with urinary issues during her pregnancy.   The Homeopaths at Natural Health Clinic of Halton can help in choosing the best remedy for your condition.

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