A Note on COVID-19

Don’t stop your health and wellness appointments amid COVID-19 isolation. 

We are OPEN and still provide majority of our services!

Our clinic is open for In-Person and Virtual appointments.

For In-Person appointments, you will receive an email to complete COVID-19 pre-screening survey prior to your appointments and we request that you come prepared, bring your own mask and gloves due to limited supply.

We look forward to seeing you again!


At Natural Health Clinic of Halton, our primary concern is the safety of all our customers and staff. Our wish is to be able to serve you better even during these tough times, all with your consideration and assistance.

As we open back up again, we have put in place some crucial precautions and procedures to keep you and our staff safe. Despite the changes, majority of our services will remain the same. We have put a COVID-19 precaution screening test to help maintain safety.

We ask everyone to fill the form before their visit so it may get attached to our profile on our online booking system. It is very easy to complete, you can use your smartphone device or other devices usage as PC or Laptop.

Fill up Covid-19 Screening form before your appointment:

Everyone is required to complete the screening form online in case your appointment is put off or cancelled.

If you don’t fill the covid screening form, then our practitioners will complete it over the phone prior to your appointment.

Kindly arrive at our physical location at the exact time of your appointment. This ensures that you don’t inconvenience other scheduled appointments and we can attend to one client at a time.

You are required to keep your mask on while on our premises. The exception is if you have a valid exemption from a doctor or medical practitioner and proof of this.

You will also confirm that nothing much has changed since the screening test. There will be hand sanitizing points as well.

After every appointment, disinfection of surfaces will be done before the next client comes in. At the end of the day and in the middle of the day, a medical disinfecting agent will be used to clean all surfaces.

Below is a quick wrap up or list of all the precautions:

  1. All patients must put on their masks, including minors/children. Infants can’t put masks on so there will be additional but safe measures taken by our staff.
  2. During your visit, our practitioner will put on PPEs or gloves, face shields and masks as well.
  3. High contact surfaces will be disinfected between client visits.
  4. Clean and fresh sheets will be placed on some surfaces and replaced before the next client comes in.
  5. Scheduling has been set up for each client that visits in a day so be on time to prevent inconveniencing the client after you and subsequent clients. Each client has their time slot to prevent contact.
  6. Our staff that don’t need to be on-site will work from their homes to reduce unnecessary contact.
  7. Only come with people who will be essential during the appointment. Any extra persons should wait outside or in your vehicle as they won’t be let into our offices.
  8. All clients must hand sanitize their hands as per the Canadian Public Health Guidelines.
  9. If according to the screening, you have had symptoms or been around anyone who has had symptoms, you must postpone your scheduled visit until the symptoms are resolved.
  10. If according to the screening you test positive for COVID-19 or live with someone who has tested the same, you can’t have an appointment until the person is deemed recovered by a medical practitioner.
  11. If you have travelled in the last two weeks (across the border or to another province), stay home, self-isolate and monitor your symptoms before booking an appointment.

We appreciate you for co-operating with us to keep you safe and to continue offering our services we maintaining everyone’s safety. It is our joy to be able to serve you at this time.

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