Healthy Conception & Pregnancy Program in Oakville

Designed to balance hormones and strengthen reproductive organs in order to increase the chance of natural conception.

Our Naturopathic Doctor at Oakville Natural Health Clinic will work with you to restore a healthy level for optimal health function during and after pregnancy period. Schedule your free 15 min consultation today.

The process:

  1. Determining hormonal imbalances through lab testing.
  2. Examining basal body temperature, length of the menstrual cycle, and the length of both follicular and luteal phases.
  3. Evaluation of any physical symptoms – such as discomfort, pain, vaginal discharge and also emotional symptoms.

Evaluating the health statuses of both mother and fetus throughout the 3 trimesters.

  1. Provision of optimal nutrients to support the development of the fetus. Focuses on dietary & lifestyle choices that will reduce the risk of pregnancy-related illness.
  2. Guidance & preparation (physically, mentally, and emotionally) for the labor and delivery process.
  3. Post-delivery support & assistance to ensure a healthy recovery including issues such as difficult lactation, mastitis, baby colic, etc.

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