Becoming part of a team

After ten years of working independently, I have decided to join a team of like-minded health care professionals at the Natural Health Clinic of Halton (NHC).

My vision is to help create a health care system that addresses underlying cause of disease and inspires prevention. We can be victims when ill-informed. A more sustainable health care system empowers the patient with the tools and resources that facilitate self-care. It recognizes that we are all biochemically unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all best practice.

A month ago, I was putting all the pieces in place to go back to university full-time; to pursue a designation that conventional health care would recognize. I wanted to get into the box to facilitate change from within. In a sense I was admitting defeat, even though my mantra had been, ‘I never fail. I succeed or I learn.’

This opportunity has put those plans on hold. In mid-life, having overcome so many challenges to get to where I am, I already have so much to share and just need to reach a wider audience. While I am a lifelong learner, it no longer makes sense to hide behind my books.

If I have to resort to using “resume virtues” when the “eulogy virtues” [#theroadtocharacter] seems so much more natural at this stage in life, so be it. Sometimes you have to play the game; step outside of your comfort zone.

‘Circumstance does not make the person. It reveals them.’
~James Allen

Working in a clinic with like-minded professionals, who treat the whole person, not the diagnosis, resonates with my core values. Recognizing that healing is enhanced in a community, I will initiate many group learning sessions.


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