Healthy Conception & Pregnancy

Designed to balance hormones and strengthen reproductive organs in order to increase the chance of natural conception.

The process:

  1. Determining hormonal imbalances through lab testing.
  2. Examining basal body temperature, length of menstrual cycle, and the length of both follicular and luteal phases.
  3. Evaluation of any physical symptoms – such as discomfort, pain, vaginal discharge and also emotional symptoms.

Evaluating health statuses of both mother and fetus throughout the 3 trimesters.

  1. Provision of optimal nutrients to support the development of the fetus. Focuses on dietary & lifestyle choices that will reduce the risk of pregnancy related illness.
  2. Guidance & preparation (physically, mentally, and emotionally) for the labour and delivery process.
  3. Post-delivery support & assistance to ensure a healthy recovery including issues such as difficult lactation, mastitis, baby colic, etc.
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