Is Massage Therapy Painful?

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Will I be sore or in pain after a massage?

Massage therapy can hurt but it all depends on the areas you are working through. If a certain part of the body is tight, inflamed, injured or in spasm, then those parts can feel pain during any massage treatment. Before your massage wellness session, we always ask our patients to be open and honest with our massage therapists (RMTs) in regards to which areas you are experiencing pain on your body and how much pressure you would like to get. This will make a big difference and receiving the benefits of your massage session.

You may feel some soreness or pain after your massage but the healing you get from massage treatment out weights the pain. We always recommend our patients to drink plenty of water, always perform stretches, especially on the areas where our massage therapist find them to be very tight and take a warm bath afterward to reduce any soreness.


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